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The Great Outdoors - participation in outdoor sports on decline - Brief Article
There was a time when summer meant roasting s'mores over the campfire and rowing your boat ashore. But lately, Americans seem to have lost their kum-ba-yah for age-old outdoor recreation. In fact, over the past few years, participation in camping and hiking - the quintessential outdoor activities - has either stagnated or declined [...]

Former Spokane resident's third book getting attention
DIANE MIDDLEBROOK writes books that critics tend to notice.
The former Spokane resident's newest book, "Her Husband: Hughes and Plath, Portrait of a Marriage" (Viking, 361 pages, $25.95), is no different. A look at the relationship between the late Sylvia Plath (dead by suicide at age 30 in 1963) and Ted Hughes (dead of cancer at age 68 in 1998), the book has been reviewed in virtually every major American newspaper and magazine [...]

Outdoor Learning and Play Ages 8-12
Kathleen Burris & Barbara Boyd, editors
Collaborative compiled and co-edited by Kathleen Glasscott Burris and Barbara Foulks Boyd, Outdoor Learning And Play Ages 8-12 provides educators and care-taker adults who work with children an effective plan and approach for maximizing opportunities for a child's intellectual, social and emotional learning in the out of doors [...]

Bringing indoor comfort to outdoor living
Turning a patio or yard into a haven for relaxing and entertaining is an idea more consumers are embracing, fueling strong demand for patio furniture, grills, landscape lighting and garden decor. This spring's outdoor living merchandise even has some surprising new additions--traditional indoor decor items such as rugs, lamps and room dividers [...]

America's great outdoor dramas: tales and tunes about our nation's heritage ring out in exquisite settings produced
FROM THE TEXAS PANHANDLE to the highlands of West Virginia, shirtsleeve audiences gather on balmy summer evenings to see professional theater under the stars.
Set against backdrops like rocky canyons or wooded hillsides, the best outdoor dramas are epic plays on a grand scale, complete with music and dance, comedy and romance, pyrotechnics and battle scenes. Horses and other animals also get into the act [...]

Before Buying a Boat
From time immemorial, people have been using sail boats for travel as well as pleasure. Sailboats can catch your fancy any day and leave you mesmerized and so blissfully happy.
If you own a boat for longtime then you will certainly know that owning a boat is a costlier affair. Making choices, which keep not only the outlay of your first buy, but as well the long-standing value of ownership, sound within you monetary means are one of the vital factors of maintaining the happiness in boating [...]