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Outdoor Learning and Play Ages 8-12
Kathleen Burris & Barbara Boyd, editors

Collaborative compiled and co-edited by Kathleen Glasscott Burris and Barbara Foulks Boyd, Outdoor Learning And Play Ages 8-12 provides educators and care-taker adults who work with children an effective plan and approach for maximizing opportunities for a child's intellectual, social and emotional learning in the out of doors. This impressive and accessible collection of articles provided by experts in their respective fields provides teachers and care-givers with strategies for planning quality learning and play opportunities for elementary and middle school children outside the classroom. Content areas are The issues covered include the history and value of the outdoor environment; the relationship of the outdoor experience with learning and development; how recess and other outdoor pursuits equip children for academic tasks including science, language arts, and geography. Outdoor Learning And Play Ages 8-12 is a welcome and practical contribution to the growing library of specialized curriculum development resources.

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